About Us

InteGRAL was established in 2020, in the throes of a global pandemic. Apart from the vision of mainstreaming gender in society, we aimed  to understand and contribute to the conversations around just rebuilding. We aim to build on the extant knowledge, history and experience of the Global South, through our work. We dedicate our work to all those who led us, are with us and those who come after us.

Integral is based in India and Indonesia.

Why Gender ?

Gender is an integral part of one’s identity where women, girls and other gender minorities require a special focus. Some data below can be revelatory.


Why Us ?

At InteGRAL we research, advocate and share lessons on women’s intersectional experience in the Global South. Our findings are disseminated for wider use by both expert and non-expert audiences with a view to influence conversations around gender. Our approach is feminist, decolonisation, and intersectional. 


We use mixed-methods of both qualitative and quantitative to provide evidence-based research. When we use numbers, percentage and statistics, we also equip them with literature reviews, field visits, focus group discussions and interviews. We aim to understand the nuances and layers of social, political, cultural, and economic dimension of gender dynamics in human stories shaped by the current phase of unequal global development. 

Our Approach and Work


We acknowledge that different power relations jointly affect one another, and in the case of women, multiple elements of patriarchy, race, class, caste, ethnicity, religion, and citizenship status, to name a few, could impinge on their agency and empowerment.


We use feminist research to explore unexplored and underexplored areas that affect people's lives. Our research foregrounds the voice of those who are the centre of issues in order to contribute to their lives and realities. In the past, we have conducted research on education, peace and conflict, health, communication and policy, all with a feminist lens. We collaborate with governments, think tanks, foundations, funding agencies and grassroots organisations.


We use our research to engage with decision makers, government agencies, NGOs and other organizations to advocate a change process in organizational cultures and policy to advance gender equity. We leverage our experience working with diverse leaders and activists to effect change. We design and implement programs, events and communication products for campaign, outreach and dissemination to reach multiple stakeholders.


We offer trainings, consultation and courses to foster knowledge about gender in wide learner audiences. We have experience in developing gender inclusive curriculum and education programmes. We devise teacher training, workshop and other learning facilitation to cater to diverse groups interested in gender equity. We are passionate in co-creating learning spaces with local and grassroots communities.