InteGRAL is a gender focused research foundation with a focus area in the Global South. We use research to build evidence and draw attention to gender, which has a critical influence on available choices and life outcomes of people. We assist organizations who foreground gender and also those who would like to make their programs more gender sensitive.

We combine our theoretical knowledge, on-the-ground experience, professional skills and feminist values to produce research and learning outcomes that are critical in addressing multiple development challenges.


Our Services

Research & Analysis

Our research foregrounds the voice of those who are the centre of issues in order to contribute to their lives and realities. We conduct research on education, peace-building, public health, labour, communication and development policies.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We collaborate with governments, think tanks, foundations, funding agencies and grassroots organisations to conduct monitoring and evaluation to assist them in assessing their projects.


We offer trainings, consultation and courses to foster knowledge about gender. We devise training, workshop and other learning facilitation to cater to diverse groups. We are passionate in co-creating learning spaces with local and grassroots communities. ​


We design and implement programs, events and communication products for campaign, outreach and dissemination to reach multiple stakeholders.

Our Team

The InteGRAL team brings together years of experience working in diverse sectors in various geographies like India, Indonesia, Malaysia, The United Kingdom, The United States and The Philippines. They have previously worked in grassroots organizations, movement building and in other positions. Their work in research and consulting is aided by their academic journeys through the Chevening Scholarship.

Clients and Partners

A gender-just world is possible.